Privacy & Confidentiality

We take your right to privacy very seriously. We do NOT:

  • Share any identifying or personal information to anyone, except for officially sanctioned purposes (e.g., to submit or change grades within the university; to write letters of reference or respond to employers to whom you have given our names as references, etc.).
  • Post your name or likeness in any public place (e.g., outside a faculty member's door to list final grades, or on our website or in any publication) in such a way that you personally could be identified, unless you give us explicit written permission to do so.¬† We will even seek written permission if we want to publicize an award you have received. We never use your SSN, and will only use the last 4 digits of your Albany ID.
  • Sell, share, or distribute email or postal addresses outside the university. These¬†are shared only inside the university for legitimate instructional or administrative purposes--for example, to coordinate with the Alumni Association or to publicize a Department or School of Education function.
  • Leave your papers, projects, or examinations in open view in offices. Confidential material is kept securely in locked file cabinets. This means that you cannot ask a professor to leave your final paper in the Reading Office.
  • Allow anyone but you (including your parents, spouse, or family members) to discuss with us anything that could be interpreted as infringing on your personal right to privacy. Only you personally can discuss confidential matters relating to your admission, your program, and any issue relating to disciplinary actions or appeals. If a third party calls us to advocate for you or speak about any such matter, we will politely listen, but will not comment other than to remind them of this policy. Exceptions can be made to this policy, but only with your explicit permission and only when circumstances warrant.