Planning the CAS Program

Program Planning Guide

After evaluating your prior coursework and experiences, you and your advisor develop a Program Plan. This plan should reflect the best possible coursework appropriate to your background and academic goals, within the general requirements of the Department of Literacy Teaching and Learning, the School of Education, and the University. CAS in Literacy students are required to earn 60 credits, including applicable courses approved for Advanced Standing, with the following course distribution requirements:

  • 30-36 hours in Reading/Literacy
  • 6-24 hours in Allied Courses in Professional Education
  • 6-24 hours in Behavioral and Social Sciences

The Program Planning Worksheet lays out the course distribution requirements. Note that three advanced courses--ELTL 710 or 711, ELTL 756 or 757, and ELTL 781 or 782 are required core courses, and whichever capstone experience you choose (CAS Inquiry Project, Comprehensive Examination). If you are going to complete and Inquiry Project, then you will need to register for ELTL 758 (6-9 credit hours) when you first begin the project. If you are planning to take the Comprehensive Examination, then you will need to take additional core Reading courses in the three domains.

All other courses are selected by you in consultation with your advisor, to meet your goals for advanced studies in literacy.