Submitting Final Dissertation

The Office of Graduate Studies is very pleased to announce a new digital option for the submission of dissertations in partial and/or final fulfillment of doctoral program requirements. Working in cooperation with UMI/Proquest, our dissertation publisher, a site has been established that allows a student to painlessly convert a dissertation to digital pdf format and upload it via the web for Graduate Studies review and then, upon approval, direct digital delivery to UMI/Proquest for publication. The door opens as well for multi-media dissertation file attachments, if warranted, to document scientific advancements and discoveries contained within the doctoral research.

Due to reduced administrative and processing costs, degree candidates submitting dissertations via the digital process will save $33 or more (depending upon publication options chosen) PLUS the very significant cost (avoidance) of archival quality papers, not to mention ink, required in the traditional hard copy submittal process. The traditional archive paper costs about $50/ream.

For students opting for this new digital submission process, the University will no longer be binding and archiving hard copies, but will receive archive quality microfilm and have free digital access to the complete works.

Any related questions may be directed to Jon Bartow, Vice Dean for Graduate Education.

No grade or academic credit is assigned to a doctoral dissertation. The title of the accepted dissertation appears on the student's transcript. Dissertations which have been approved must be transmitted to the Dean of Graduate Studies by May 1 for degrees to be conferred in May, by August 1 for degrees to be conferred in August, and by December 1 for degrees to be conferred in December.