Advance Registration and Enrollment

Steps for Registration:

First: Plan Your Schedule
Refer to your program planning worksheet and decide which courses you wish to take. Make sure to view the upcoming course schedule(s) found on the Schedules link to the right of this page.  Consult the University Academic Calendar for upcoming Advance Registration dates.

When you choose classes for your beginning semester (and beyond), remember that graduate classes are not the same as undergraduate classes. A full-time load is four courses. If you are planning on working full-time, it would be best to start with one class, particularly if you are starting a new teaching position. Our goal is for you to be successful in the program and learn the range of information needed to be an effective literacy teacher. If you overload yourself you will find yourself taking short cuts with readings and assignments, which limits your learning and diminishes the value of your investment in graduate education.

Second: Contact Your Advisor
Contact your advisor and obtain an AVN# (Advisement Verification Number). This is a number you will need each semester you wish to enroll. If you do not know who your advisor is, email Reisha Rieder and she will email the name of your advisor to you.  If you are an online student, Trudy Walp is your advisor. When you contact your advisor, be sure to list the course(s) you wish to take. If the course(s) are open enrollment, the AVN# you receive will allow you to register. However, if you select a "closed" course (that is a course that requires a CPN#--Course Permission Number), then you will need to obtain a CPN in addition to your AVN. CPNs are distributed by either the department, or the Online Program Manager only, not individual instructors.

Third: Follow All Departmental Policies
Approval List Policy.  Approval Lists are open the first day of the semester before you plan to take the class.  Please be aware that you will not be allowed to enroll in either 600 or 601 if you do not have a current initial teaching certificate.  You must meet all requirements of your program before enrollment in either of these courses is allowed.  Also, please keep in mind that some of our practicum courses will follow the local school district holidays, rather than the University calendar.  Please contact Reisha Rieder to be placed on an approval list(s):

Online Waitlist Policy.  All online classes are controlled by CPNs and the waitlist policy.  All students should contact Trudy Walp. Please be aware that online courses are typically available for students matriculated in the online degree programs only.  Occasionally, some online courses are available to on campus students as well. When this occurs, the details are included on the department's schedule of classes located in the Schedules link. Students in the Special Ed/Literacy programs should contact the Special Education Office for CPNs.

Fourth: Check For Holds
Check to see if you have a HOLD on your account, because if you do, you will not be able to register. We encourage you to check for holds well before the first day of registration. Log-on to MyUAlbany and you will see any HOLDS right there. A HOLD may be placed on your records for reasons such as parking tickets, overdue library books, health forms that haven't been submitted, and missing transcripts in your admission file. We have no control over these, so it is something you will have to take care of yourself.

Fifth and Final: Enroll
Once advance registration has started, simply log onto MyUAlbany and follow the instructions. You will need your AVN and the call (section) numbers (not course numbers) of the courses you wish to take. Please remember that in the Department of Literacy Teaching and Learning, all CPNs are distributed by either the Department Coordinator or Online Program Manager.