Program Advisement

Advisor Consultations

When you are admitted, you are assigned an advisor. You are assigned an advisor based on your degree and certification area. Your advisor knows the requirements of your program.

Consultation with your advisor takes place either face-to-face (during posted office hours), by phone, and via email. Most faculty have come to rely heavily on email because it allows communication at any time of the day and year, even when away from the office. All students receive a new AVN from their advisors each semester they wish to enroll.  Students may begin enrolling for classes during the Advanced Registration period.  Advanced Registration dates are listed in the Academic Calendar.

You are responsible for ensuring that the program distribution requirements have been met, and that required courses have been taken. Planning your coursework is, in most cases, is a very simple task.  The program planning worksheet is the critical tool for managing your program. It tells you what you have taken, and what you still need to take.