Practicum Courses Requiring Approval Lists

Department Approval Lists

Registration Approval Lists for Practicum Courses

The purpose of the Approval Lists is to determine exactly what courses and how many sections of each course we need to offer when planning the course schedule.  Putting your name on a Registration Approval list one semester before you actually plan to take the course allows the department enough time to be sure that your program plan has been reviewed, your teaching certificate is on file, and your name is on the correct approval list for your program.

Our goal is to accommodate every student requesting a course permission number for the semester they have requested it. Our priority is be sure that every matriculated Literacy student will graduate as he/she has intended. But sometimes due to factors that are beyond our control, this may not be possible. Some of the practicum courses are held off campus in local school districts within the community; therefore, being on a registration approval list will not guarantee that you will receive a CPN for the semester that you request it.  If you are a student who has switched programs or you are a returning graduated student on the registration list to obtain Literacy Certification, you will receive a CPN only if there is available space.

Registration approval lists for practicum courses start the first day of classes in the spring (January) for the summer and fall semesters, and the first day of class in the fall (August) for the spring semester. Please email Reisha Rieder on the first day of classes for 600, 601, 605, 620, 623, 677.  Please no phone calls; all requests should be in writing.  Make sure to put the course you are requesting as the subject heading of the email: i.e. ERDG 620. 

CPNs for practicum courses are distributed to students by either the Department or the Online Program Manager. These will usually be handed out well after the start of advanced registration. If you have any questions about this process, please speak with Reisha Rieder, Department Coordinator.

Important Notice:  
The school districts we use for our practicum courses are contingent upon approval of their school budgets. You will be notified of specific details of the course before the start of classes from your instructor.  Please keep in mind that some of our practicum courses will follow the local school district holidays, rather than the University calendar.