Closed Classes

There are two kinds of closed classes:

  1. Courses that are restricted to certain students.

  2. Courses that are full.

Online Courses Are Restricted

All online courses are closed; they are reserved for matriculated students in our online degree programs--Early Childhood and Childhood Education.  All online courses require course permission numbers (CPNs), and these are issued by your advisor, the Online Program Manager, Trudy Walp.

On Campus Practicum Courses Are Restricted

Certain campus courses also start off closed: ERDG 600, 601, 605, 620, 623, and 625. Students must follow the Department Approval List Policy to obtain CPNs for these courses.  

Courses That Are Full

An open-enrollment course does not require a CPN.  Students will need their AVNs only.  If the course is not full, you can register for it, and if someone else drops the course, prior to the start of the semester, or during the add/drop period, you can simply go in and register for it. However, if it is full, here is what to do:

  • Send an email to Reisha Rieder, Department Coordinator to let her know which course(s) you have been closed out of taking. The department is always interested to know how many people are unable to enroll in an ERDG course, in case it becomes possible for us to open a new section, or add seats to an existing section. Remember: emailing the department does not guarantee getting on to a waiting list. Most often we do not offer waitlists for open-enrollment courses.
  • Please do not contact an instructor to see if he/she is willing to take on additional students. The Reading Department's class enrollments are managed by the Department Coordinator in consultation with the Department Chair. Instructors do not have the authority to add students to their rosters.
  • Keep trying to register via MyUAlbany. Every semester, many students change their plans and drop courses. The moment they do this, their seat becomes available to anyone who happens to log on. You would be surprised how many seats become available, even in core courses.