Adding/Dropping Classes

Add/Drop Period

There is a 9-day period after Registration (the first day of classes) at the beginning of each semester in which courses may be added or dropped. To add or drop a course, you must use MyUAlbany. Dropping and adding works exactly the same way as registering the first time.  Remember, though, that by the time you hit the end of the add/drop period, the course you are adding may have met at least twice, or many times if it is online.

Also, while you can drop or add open-enrollment courses once you have your AVN, your advisor does not automatically get notified that you've made a switch, so you should email him/her to say what you are doing. This may prevent you from inadvertently taking a course that is not allowed in your program.

You can add or drop a course at any time up to the last day it is allowed. All academic dates are published in the Registrar's Academic Calendar.  However, please be aware that academic date deadlines are not necessarily the same as tuition deadlines. Tuition liability can be found on the Students Accounts webpage at Charges for Withdrawing or Dropping Courses.

Dropping courses after the deadline does incur penalties, both academic and financial. Before you consider this, consult your advisor.