Radiation Safety

Radioactive materials and radiation producing devices are important tools in modern scientific research. However, the various types of radiation emitted by these materials or devices have been shown to be potentially hazardous to human health.

The University at Albany is licensed to use radioactive materials and radiation producing devices by the New York State Bureau of Environmental Radiation Protection within the Department of Health. Under these agreements, authority to review and approve the use of regulated radioactive material and radiation producing equipment is delegated to the University's Radiation Safety Committee. The RSC and Radiation Safety Officer, implement and maintain a Radiation Protection Program to ensure that:

  • Any hazard associated with the use of radioactive materials or radiation producing devices are minimized and work related radiation exposures are mainitained As Low As Reasonably Achievable, ALARA.
  • All uses of these materials and devices are in strict compliance with applicable state and federal regulatory requirements.
  • A safe and healthy research environment is available to faculty, staff, students and visitors by providing training, supervision and support and establishing policies by which radioactivity may be safely used.

Related Policies and Forms:

    Laser Safety

The University at Albany has developed a program to provide guidance and instruction to faculty, staff and students for the safe use of lasers and laser systems and to ensure compliance wiht the American National Standard for Safe Use of Lasers (ANSI 136.1). The Laser Safety Officer is designated to monitor, evaluate and control all laser radiaiton hazards.

Class 3b and 4 Lasers and Laser Systems must be registered with the Office of Environmental Health and Safety: