Public Access Defribrillator Program (PAD)

AED/CPR Training

The Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Office and the University Police Department (UPD) are pleased to be offering “Hands-Only” CPR and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Usage training.   We highly encourage you to participate in this training as it may assist you someday in saving someone’s life.  

The training will be given in two parts.  The first is a 30 minute online course (and quiz), available on Blackboard, which is a prerequisite to a 15 minute in-person training given by UPD, who will provide hands-on demonstrations of CPR and AED usage.  Once the online course is successfully completed, please contact EH&S to register for the training session with UPD. 

"Hands Only" CPR and AED Usage Training (via Blackboard)

**To acess the training after logging in to Blackboard, search for "EHS" organization under the Community Tab (Upper Right Corner)**

This two part level of training will enable an individual that is first on the scene to appropriately respond with hands-only CPR and an AED to someone in cardiac arrest.   It does not provide actual certification in CPR/AED Usage as that is a significantly longer course.  If you would like to become certified, please contact Five Quad Volunteer Ambulance Service for their training schedule at 518-442-5555 or view the American Red Cross’s training schedule .