Undergraduate Program in Human Development


The interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development explores human psychological, social, cognitive, and emotional changes across the lifespan. Human diversity and culture are treated as essential facets of human development, and students will explore issues of equity and social justice as they relate to developmental well-being. Students will learn to critically assess social and cultural frameworks and the ways in which individuals, families, and communities are positioned within them.

The program will help students build high-quality, specialized knowledge, intensified by research and engagement within the community. All students will take classes in human development, psychology, education, individual differences, research methods, and statistics. These courses will stress self-directed learning and provide team-based learning opportunities that foster effective collaboration skills. Students will graduate with a strong foundation in research methodology and be comfortable using data to make professional decisions.

The Human Development major is an excellent preparation for any of the human service professions. Those students considering careers in human service fields such as education, law, health, social work, human services policy, child care, mental health and counseling, and criminal justice—with special interest in diversity, growth, and aging across the lifespan—would benefit from the human development program. The degree supports concentrations in counseling psychology, educational psychology, peer assistance and leadership, and special education. It can be coordinated with other majors or minors at UAlbany to strengthen students’ readiness for further professional preparation and advancement.