Doctoral Program


The University annually offers a number of assistantships and fellowships to qualified students enrolled in graduate study. These awards provide stipends, plus some or all remission of tuition. The value of these stipends varies from year to year. Professional duties are assigned to recipients of assistantships. Some examples of these duties are teaching assignments, research assignments, student advisement, work in the Evaluation Consortium, or work in the Test Library. The number of hours that a student holding an assistantship can be expected to devote to assigned duties is related to the size of the stipend; the greater the stipend the greater the weekly commitment. New York State has a Tuition Assistance Program (TAP). All students who want to be considered for remission of tuition must apply for a TAP award, even if they are ineligible, in order to document their eligibility/ineligibility. Students holding assistantships and fellowships must carry a full academic load and may not receive remuneration from other employment in or outside the University.