Undergraduate Program in Human Development

Concentrations in the Major

Upon admission to the program, students must declare a concentration in the major:

Counseling Psychology Concentration
A concentration in Counseling Psychology within the Human Development major will prepare students for careers in psychological health and welfare. Students will explore diversity through an introduction to a variety of theoretical approaches to counseling. Specifically, the curriculum will provide the students with a foundation in developmental and counseling psychology, with an emphasis on the underlying psychological processes.

Students will be well prepared to continue their education in a graduate program in mental health counseling, college/residential life counseling, counseling psychology, and clinical psychology. A concentration in Counseling Psychology will prepare graduates to pursue careers serving as residential counselors, behavioral specialists, addiction counselors, counselors for at-risk youth, providers of support services for youth with mental or physical disabilities, service providers for children, youth, and families of military personnel, directors of recreational programs, youth group leaders, parent trainers and advisors, human services agency directors, and child life specialists working with children, youth, and families in children's hospitals or pediatric wards.

Educational Psychology Concentration
A concentration in Educational Psychology within the Human Development major will introduce students to research about human learning and development within a variety of settings (e.g., in the home, in peer groups, and in schools) and about approaches to accommodate learners based on the range of human diversity encountered in such settings. Students will learn how to evaluate and utilize research to create better learning environments. The understanding of research methodologies will provide a basic preparation for graduate study in educational, counseling, clinical, or school psychology. In addition, students will be prepared to pursue careers as research assistants, members of program evaluation teams, academic advisors, institutional researchers, and workers in child care and educational settings.

Peer Assistance and Leadership Concentration
The Peer Assistance and Leadership concentration provides a unique opportunity for undergraduate Human Development majors to integrate academic study with community service and student organizational leadership development experiences. Classroom learning and campus agency-based service opportunities within this concentration provide students with access to a course-based, credit-bearing educational experience in which they learn and develop community engagement, intervention and leadership skills through active participation in organized service experiences that meet campus and community needs. Learned skills can be applied to the world of work and graduate study in education as well as a wide range of other fields.

Special Education Concentration
A concentration in Special Education within the Human Development major will provide students with a foundation in atypical human development across the life span and knowledge of a variety of educational interventions for individuals with disabilities. Students will examine educational and life opportunities for children and adults with disabilities, as well as gain knowledge about the laws created to promote equity in access, education, and work for individuals with disabilities. In addition, students will be introduced to specific areas such as inclusion, universal design, instructional and community accommodations, and educational best practices. This concentration is appropriate for students who would like to pursue a career working with individuals with disabilities in community agencies or daycare centers, as teacher assistants for children with disabilities in schools, and/or continue their education in a graduate program leading to teacher certification.