Certificate of Advanced Study in Educational Research


The graduate program is designed for students seeking professional level skills in inquiry (i.e., evaluation, measurement, research, and statistics). This degree qualifies graduates for responsible positions in federal, state, and local agencies, regional laboratories, and public and private schools as policy development and evaluation specialists or researchers. This program requires at least 60 credits of graduate coursework.

  • Program guidelines depend upon the student's preparatory program as follows: PhD students in Educational Psychology may count any doctoral coursework for the CAS, provided it meets CAS requirements.
  • All other students (MS students in Educational Psychology, and students from programs outside of the Division of Educational Psychology & Methodology) require at least 21 credits unique to the CAS degree (i.e. not counting towards any other degrees).
  • Students who have completed the MS in Educational Psychology may count the 30 credits for this degree towards the CAS, provided they meet CAS requirements.

Note that university policy requires that at least half of the 60 credits needed must be completed at the University at Albany (rather than transferred in from another institution).