Gabriel L. Schlomer

The intersection between genes and environments on adolescent health risk behaviors and outcomes.

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Gabriel L. Schlomer, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

School of Education
Department: Educational and Counseling Psychology

Division of Educational Psychology and Methodology
ED 225
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Dr. Schlomer's research interests center on gene-environment interplay with a focus on gene-by-environment interactions using measured genes. Current research activities include examining how candidate genes modify adolescent substance use interventions, a study on the relation between candidate genes and female pubertal timing and risky sexual behavior, and a genetically informed sibling study designed to assess fathering effects on girls’ development.


Post-Doc Human Development & Family Studies/Biobehavioral Health, Penn State

Ph.D. Family Studies and Human Development, University of Arizona

M.S. General/Experimental Psychology, Western Illinois University

B.S. Psychology, Indiana State University

Research Interests

Adolescent health risk behaviors, parent-child relationships, gene-environment interactions, epigenetics, evolutionary developmental psychology, prevention/intervention


Recent Publications

Schlomer, G. L., Cleveland, H. H., , Feinberg, M. E., Wolf, P. S. A., Greenberg, M. T., Spoth, R. L., & Redmond, C., Tricou, E. P., & Vandenbergh, D. J. (in press). Extending previous cGxI findings on 5-HTTLPR’s moderation of intervention effects on adolescent substance misuse initiation. Child Development.

Schlomer, G. L. & Cho, H. (in press). Genetic and environmental contributions to age at menarche: Interactive effects of father absence and LIN28B. Evolution and Human Behavior.

Russell, M.A., Schlomer, G.L., Cleveland, H. H., Feinberg, M.E., Greenberg, M. T., Spoth, R. L., & Redmond, C., Vandenbergh, D.J. (in press). PROSPER intervention effects on adolescents’ alcohol misuse vary by GABRA2 genotype and age. Prevention Science.

Cleveland, H. H., Schlomer, G. L., Vandenbergh, D. J., Wiebe, R. P. (2016). Gene x intervention designs: A promising step toward understanding etiology and building better preventative interventions. Journal of Criminology and Public Policy, 15, 711-720.

Schlomer, G. L., Cleveland, H. H., Vandenbergh, D. J., Fosco, G. M., & Feinberg, M. E. (2015). Looking forward in candidate gene research: Concerns and suggestions. Journal of Marriage and Family, 77, 351-354.

Schlomer, G. L., Cleveland, H. H., Vandenbergh, D. J., Neiderhiser, J. M., Feinberg, M. E., Greenberg, M. T., Spoth, R. L., & Redmond, C. (2015). Developmental differences in early adolescent aggression: A gene × environment × intervention analysis. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 44, 581-597.