Bruce Saddler

Writing disabilities

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Bruce Saddler, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

School of Education
Department: Educational and Counseling Psychology

Division of Educational Psychology and Methodology
ED 231



Dr. Bruce Saddler is an Associate Professor and the Director of the Division of Special Education at The University of Albany. A military veteran and a former elementary and middle school Special Education teacher and teacher of the year, he has taught courses in inclusion, reading, writing, and Learning Disabilities at the master’s and doctoral levels. His current primary research interests center on writing disabilities. To support this research he has won the prestigious Early Career Research Award from the Office of Special Education, US Department of Education. He has also presented at over 90 local, regional, national, and international research and professional conferences and has published over 40 scholarly articles in national and international journals including Journal of Educational Psychology, Journal of Special Education, Learning Disabilities Quarterly, and Reading and Writing Quarterly. He has also authored two books on writing. In his spare time Dr. Saddler enjoys biking, running, lifting weights, hiking , travel, and driving his Corvette

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ESPE 564: Participation in and Study of English Language Arts Instruction

ESPE 565: Participation in and Study of Math, Science and Technology Programs

ESPE 561: Integrating Students with Disabilities in General Education Classrooms

ESPE 562: Characteristics of & Methods for Teaching Exceptional Secondary Students

ESPE 651: English Language Arts & Social Studies instruction for Students with Disabilities

ESPE 650: Educational Environments: Preparing Students with Disabilities to Meet Learning Standards

ESPE 655: Assessment in Special Education

ESPE 657: Effective Teaching and Curricula for Diverse Learners

ESPY 761: History and Issues in Special Education

ESPE 887: Institute in Education - Written Expression for Students with Disabilities

EPSY 890: Research and Independent Study in Educational Psychology 


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