Jessica Coles

Welcome to the Student Profiles!

My name is Jessica Coles and I am a Research Fellow in the Educational Psychology and Methodology Ph.D. program with a concentration in special education. My area of interests are students with autism and aggressive behaviors, and their place in the educational environment. I am also interested in disproportionality and disparities for minorities and how to improve their educational experience.

As a president of the Educational Psychology & Methodology (EdPsy) Recognized Graduate Student Organization (RGSO), I look forward to bridging the gap between all areas of interest in the program, by encouraging collaborative discussions and sharing ideas across contexts. My mission as president also includes advocating for our diverse student population and creating a safe space to build and move our program forward. Not only is diversity my research interest, but I would love to see it applied in our professional learning community.

Additionally, I am invested in creating more authentic and meaningful opportunities, in not only the local university community, but also in the local Capital Region, by giving back through volunteering and being a constant presence in our local school districts. I expect this may create access to a larger research pool.

The RGSO is an amazing organization filled with powerful and dynamic lifelong learners. My goal is to highlight the resources which are available to all students and encourage everybody to take full advantage of them. Our RGSO is an amazing organization that can be of value to everyone in our programs; my hope is to highlight the resources and encourage students or prospective students to take advantage of them in every part of our Educational Psychology & Methodology program, including our RGSO.

I encourage you (students, prospective students, or visitors) to see our Faculty profiles, Student profiles, and EdPsy RGSO group. If after looking at these, you have questions or comments, please contact our division staff, a faculty member, or a student with your same area or research.

I hope I can see you at one of the next events of our Recognized Graduate Student Organization.

All the best,

Jessica Coles