A Tradition of Excellence

Inquire. Inspire. Transform.

from Robert L. Bangert-Drowns, Dean of the School of Education

A Tradition of Excellence 2016-17 coverRecently, the faculty of the School of Education adopted these three words to describe our mission for ourselves, our students, our colleagues, and our communities.

Inquire. Inspire. Transform.

We selected three verbs because of the dynamic nature of our work. Every aspect of the educational enterprise has an interpersonal context and must grow and change as people, institutions, and knowledge grow and change.

Learning and scholarship begin in curiosity—to test assumptions, to wonder about observed phenomena, to search for solutions to significant problems. We do not end with answers, but gain new insights, and ask again beyond those first solutions.

 We seek to provide an inspirational environment, to promote the courage to inquire, perseverance in the face of frustration, and hopefulness for the future of people and institutions. We foster in our students a desire and ability to care for, encourage, and motivate their colleagues and those whom they serve.

Transform. We empower ourselves, our students, and our communities through research, teaching, and service. We enhance human capacity for intelligent collaborations; expand possible futures for all learners; and contribute to human learning, development, and well-being in and out of classrooms and across the lifespan.

In 1844, we began preparing educators as the first public higher education institution in New York State. Situated now in one of the four research centers of the State University of New York system, UAlbany’s School of Education has become a national leader in educational research and innovation.

A Tradition of Excellence  highlights some of the accomplishments of our School over the last year. Join us as advocates for learning and human growth and as researchers of education in all its facets.

Inquire. Inspire. Transform.


Robert L. Bangert-Drowns, Ph.D.
School of Education
University at Albany


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