Rachel Brenner

Rachel Brenner
Assistant Professor
Educational & Counseling Psychology


Catskill 223

PhD, Iowa State University

Rachel Brenner

Dr. Brenner joined Counseling Psychology faculty in Fall 2018. Her research primarily examines how people respond to distress and how these responses impact mental health. Specifically, she focuses on how best to measure clinically-relevant constructs such as self-compassion, gratitude, stigma, and rumination, and how these constructs best inform theory and interventions to improve psychological health and reduce stigma for cross-cultural and at-risk populations. She has published on these topics in journals such as the Journal of Counseling PsychologyThe Counseling Psychologist, and Stigma and Health. Dr. Brenner is currently extending this research to LGBTQ and veteran populations.

Research Interests:

  • Self-compassion and gratitude
  • Help seeking stigma
  • Cross-cultural stigma research
  • Psychometrics
  • Masculinity


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