Alex L. Pieterse

Alex L. Pieterse

Associate Professor
Educational & Counseling Psychology
School of Education


Catskill 213

PhD, Columbia University

Alex L. Pieterse headshot

Dr. Pieterse conducts research on health-related outcomes associated with the experience of racism, antiracism advocacy, race-related aspects of counseling psychology training, and the impact of self-awareness on the psychotherapy process. Dr. Pieterse is an associate editor for The Counseling Psychologist, and The Journal of Psychology in Africa. Dr. Pieterse is a licensed psychologist whose professional experiences include conducting a psychotherapy practice and engaging in diversity consultation.

Teaching:  Pre-practicum, practicum, assessment, psychopathology

Research:  Racism, racial identity and health; race-related aspects of counseling psychology training; anti-racism advocacy; self-awareness and the psychotherapy process


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