Elegibility Requirements

Who Can Apply?

Professional Educators
Student Teachers
Graduate Students
Individuals in Education-Related Fields


While candidates for membership are encouraged to attend one of our chapter meetings or events, we have waived that requirement in order to apply for professional membership

Membership is based on charter approval and all candidates for membership are invited to attend an initiation ceremony.

Memberships may be transferred from one charter to another upon request. Initial Application Fee $100.

Make checks payable to PHI DELTA KAPPA.
To apply please print out the application, and complete all applicable sections.

Mail the completed application and check to:

JoAnn Masterson - Membership VP
9 St. Stephens Lane E.
Glenville, NY 12302-4206
Phone & Fax: (518) 399-5938
Email: jmaster@nycap.rr.com



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