Research Centers and Affiliated Institutes

The School of Education brings life-enhancing research and scholarship to a variety of projects that advance the full scope of teaching, learning, and human development.

Research Centers

The range of initiatives in the School’s Research Centers include:

  • Nationally funded studies within schools across America into English literacy and achievement
  • Development of effective community-based approaches within the Capital Region
  • Exploration of the educational opportunities in foreign nations
  • Diagnostic and consultation services to individuals and agencies in the community on behalf of learning disabled and developmentally impaired children
  • Comparison of higher- vs. average-performing schools and identification of features of effective schools
  • Application of latest science and best practices into such areas as reading disability (dyslexia) and other developmental disorders
  • Studies on all facets of private higher education development and functioning
  • Participation in major public policy debates

Through involvement in these projects, students at the Ph.D. and master’s program levels receive valuable preparation, collaborating with faculty-research leaders in their fields. Centers include:

Affiliated Institutes
The School’s institutes work hand-in-hand with the Research Centers to provide hands-on service from faculty and student practitioners to 120 school districts. Among projects being implemented are:

  • Technology-based programs designed to work with urban youth and to bridge the nation’s technology gap
  • Program evaluation services for educational, governmental, and private agencies
  • Professional development supporting reform in K-12 settings
  • Cross-site evaluations of innovative educational practices at the state level
  • Evaluation of cutting edge federal programs
  • Projects to improve educational outcomes for adult learners and increase opportunities for adults to enter, retain and improve employment in education
  • Research-based staff development and program improvement opportunities for professionals working to enhance literacy levels for families in New York State

The School’s Institutes include: