Since 1844, when it became the first New York State College devoted to the professional preparation of teachers, the University at Albany has graduated outstanding practitioners and scholars who have enhanced the educational quality of schools, classrooms, and lecture halls throughout the world.

The Graduate Program in the School of Education has met the nation’s most rigorous quality standards and is led by a research faculty renowned for its scholarly output and research productivity. Professors in the School prize intellectual discourse with students as they seek to engender profound change, both as scholars and teachers, to educational theory, learning and human development.

Admittance to the School of Education for all programs on the graduate certificate, master’s (including online master’s degrees) and doctoral levels is made through the Office of Graduate Admissions.  

The Undergraduate Program in education is guided by the philosophy that undergraduate students who seek a future in education should master content knowledge in one or more academic disciplines, while supplementing their college major with educational courses and the development of personal skills. This well-tested approach allows advancement through more than 50 courses in the field of education, including a community service course in an educational setting. An undergraduate concentration in education is available through an 18-credit minor.

An undergraduate major is also offered in Human Development—an interdisciplinary program to explore the psychological, social, and cultural facets of human development and learning across the life span.

Admittance as an undergraduate to the University at Albany is made through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.