Russian University Names Competitive Academic Scholarship for UAlbany Distinguished Professor Kecskes

Albany, NY (December 3, 2015) – Dr. Istvan Kecskes, Distinguished Professor in Educational Theory and Practice, was feted by National Research Tomsk State University in Russia when an annual scholarship was named in his honor.

Eduard Galazsinszkij, Rector of National Research Tomsk State University, announced that the Scholarship in honour of Istvan Kecskes will be awarded each year to the top Tomsk State student researcher in the field of linguistics. This tribute to Kecskes praises his international reputation in linguistics and his valuable partnership with Tomsk State University that is among the 15 Russian universities that were selected to receive significant government support to become world class universities.

Kecskes was a speaker at National Research Tomsk State University’s 1stTomsk Workshop on Cognitive Linguistics and Pragmatics (TOWOCOLP) in October, a workshop which Kecskes himself established. This gathering features internationally recognized experts in the field who present the latest research on how cognitive approaches affect the field of pragmatics. It also brings together scholars from Russia with researchers from other parts of the world in a forum where they can exchange ideas and discuss ongoing research with one another. The workshop served as a pre-conference seminar for the 26th Annual International Academic Conference “Language and Culture,” at which Kecskes was presented with the scholarship honor.

Kecskes was recently appointed to the rank of Distinguished Professor by the State University of New York Board of Trustees. He is a leading scholar in the field of pragmatics, how speakers convey meaning in actual situational contexts, standing among the principal leaders in this field. In more than 40 articles and proceedings, ten books, six edited collections, 21 book chapters, and prestigious editorial, speaking, and organizational roles, Dr. Kecskes has had a profound influence on research in areas related to second language learning, the relationship of language and culture, and sociocognitive approaches to linguistics in general and pragmatics specifically.