Dozier Receives Funding to Continue Building Learning Communities in Albany City Schools

Albany, NY (November 23, 2015) – Dr. Cheryl Dozier, Literacy Teaching and Learning, received $200,000 from the New York State Education Department to continue the Building Learning Communities to Improve Student Achievement project.

The project, also known as the Teacher Leader Quality Partnership (TLQP), promotes collaborative relationships to provide quality professional development through Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) in four elementary schools in the City School District of Albany, in partnership with the University at Albany. The PLCs are a partnership of teachers and paraprofessionals from the four elementary schools, faculty and students from the School of Education, faculty from the College of Arts and Sciences, and staff from CASDA, an area leader in school improvement, teacher and principal leadership, and school-based professional development.

The work of the PLCs in the four schools will focus on developing content knowledge and pedagogical practices of teachers and paraprofessionals within each school based on identified student, school, and district needs and interests. The long-term goal of the project is to create a model of embedded, school-centered professional development that improves student learning and will be sustainable as well as replicable in schools across the District and to other school districts across the state.This 2015-2018 grant is the third grant cycle awarded for TLQP, which is now in its seventh year in partnership with the City School District of Albany.