Vellutino Inducted into Reading Hall of Fame

Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology Professor Frank R. Vellutino was inducted into the International Reading Hall of Fame at the International Reading Association's 55th Annual Convention in April 2010.

Frank VellutinoThe Reading Hall of Fame consists of nationally and internationally prominent researchers who are recognized as having made extraordinary contributions to theory and research in the study of literacy acquisition.  Inductees are elected to this elite membership by their peers.

Vellutino joins four School of Education colleagues who were previously inducted into the Reading Hall of Fame – Distinguished Professor Arthur Applebee and Distinguished Professor Judith Langer, both in the Department of Educational Theory and Practice, and Professor Peter Johnston and Professor Emeritus Rose-Marie Weber, in the Department of Reading.  This brings University at Albany representation in the Hall of Fame to five – the largest representation of any single institution.

Frank Vellutino earned his Ph.D. in Psychology at Catholic University.  His research is concentrated in areas related to cognitive psychology, psycholinguistics, and developmental psychology, and he is especially interested in the cognitive and linguistic underpinnings of reading development and reading disability. It has generated numerous articles in refereed journals, in addition to numerous book chapters addressing the causes and correlates of reading difficulties in young children. His most recent studies have been concerned with the development of predictive, assessment, and remedial procedures for correcting and preventing long term reading difficulties in pre-school, elementary school, and middle school children at risk for early reading difficulties. Among Dr. Vellutino's most important publications are an invited book entitled Dyslexia: Theory and Research published by MIT Press, and an invited article entitled Dyslexia, which appeared in Scientific American. All of his research has been supported by external funds, and he and his colleagues have been the recipients of large awards from agencies such as the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, the U.S. Department of Education, the Spencer Foundation, and the Recording for the Blind among others.

Dr. Vellutino has taught at the College of William and Mary and at Boston University, and currently holds joint faculty appointments in the Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology, the Department of Psychology (Cognitive Psychology Program), and the Program in Linguistics and Cognitive Science of the Department of Anthropology.  He is also Director of the Child Research and Study Center, a research and student training center.

Dr. Vellutino currently teaches a graduate course in children's learning that emphasizes cognitive, perceptual, memory, and language development, as well as a graduate seminar in human development that focuses on the relationship between language and cognitive development.