Use Policies

March 2008

General Policy

The School of Education meeting space is comprised of ED B14 (which also serves as a personal computer lab), ED 335, and ED 346.

Priority for the scheduling of the School’s meeting spaces is given to School of Education faculty, staff, and students for School of Education events. Requests for use of this space by individuals and organizations outside the School will be accommodated as time and prior scheduling permit. Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis, and must be made at least two working days prior to the event. The Dean of the School of Education has ultimate approval authority for all requests.

ED 335 and ED 346 are not meant to be used in lieu of regularly assigned classroom space for courses offered at the University at Albany. The rooms, however, may be used by a regularly scheduled course for the occasional special event (guest lecturer, student presentations, etc.). Courses can be scheduled in ED B14 if the course requires the use of personal computers.


ED B14 is U-shaped room with an instructor’s station and 20 Hewlett Packard personal computers. In addition, there are 6 tables in the center of the room with seating for 16. The room has a projection screen, whiteboard, chalkboard, and data ports for internet access. A mobile cart with a projector can be requested by contacting Chris Ives, the Director of Computing Facilities in the School of Education. He can be reached at Requests for technology should be placed 3-4 days in advance of your event.

ED 346 contains four rectangular tables and four quarter-round, small tables. These are connected to create a square meeting table. The tables seat 12 and the room has a total of 26 chairs. The room has a podium with a built-in computer, a laptop connection, data ports for internet access, DVD/VCR player, and a large flat-screen television, which can be used as a projection system. The space is set-up as a conference room, and can be rearranged for group meetings.

ED 335 is the largest of the conference rooms with twelve rectangular tables, 40 chairs, and a kitchenette with microwave and refrigeration. The room also has a podium with a built-in computer, laptop connection, data port for internet access, DVD/VCR player, projection system, and smart board. This space is set-up as a conference room, and can be rearranged for group meetings.


It is the responsibility of the person or group requesting the space to arrange the furniture in the desired configuration. It is also their responsibility to return the room to its original configuration once the event has concluded. Please refer to the photos which display the proper configuration for each room.

Responsibility for arranging for instructional technology and audio-visual equipment (computer, projection system, VCR, etc.), additional seating, and/or catering and food service needs rests with the event organizer.

The event organizer will also take reasonable precautions to protect the facilities, especially if food and drink are to be served. At the conclusion of the event, food and drink should be removed or thrown away in the proper containers. All tables should be wiped down and left in their original condition.


There is no charge for the use of these rooms for School of Education-related events. A fee of $25.00 per event will be charged for events not related to the School of Education. In addition, if food and/or drinks are going to be served at an event, there is an additional $20.00 charge. If there are any charges, you will be contacted to arrange for payment.


Scheduling requests should be made by emailing Chris Ives with your reservation request including your name, department/organization, date of event, time of event, room number and title or short description of event. A separate request should be submitted for each event. The reservation request will be reviewed and a confirmation will be emailed to the person making the request.

These rooms will be locked when not in use. Faculty and staff of the School of Education can obtain access codes for the key pad locks from their department secretary. For users outside the School, a temporary access code will be enabled for the time they are scheduled to use the room and then disabled after the event. This access code will be included in the email confirming the room request. Please note that it is the responsibility of the event organizer to ensure that the room door is closed and locked at the conclusion of the event.

Questions regarding School of Education meeting spaces can be referred to Chris Ives at