Initial/Provisional Certificate Holders

NY State has very strict guidelines pertaining to the master's degree requirement for certification. As such, it is strongly recommended that you speak with our Pathways Into Education (PIE) Center to be sure the program you select meets your certification needs.  

Offered in Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, English, French, Math, Physics, Social Studies and Spanish.

Prepares students to teach Childhood Education (1-6), Students with Disabilities Generalist (7-12) and (1-6).

With courses both on-campus and online, this program meets NYSED Professional certification requirements and is flexible.

Available for those with a valid Initial teaching certificate in either Early Childhood or Childhood Education, this degree is a great way to satisfy education requirements for Professional certification.  

Applicants must hold a certificate in Biology, Chemistry, Chinese, Earth Science, English, French, Math, Physics, Social Studies and Spanish.

Literacy: Birth-Grade 6, Grades 5-12, Birth-Grade 12 MS
Current holders of a valid Initial teaching certificate can use this degree for Professional certification and also to become certified as a Literacy Specialist.

Designed for those already certified in Childhood Education but who also want to teach special education or literacy.

No Childhood certificate but interested in Special Ed and Literacy? This degree is the one for you!

This degree is only open to those that hold certification in both Childhood and Special Education and are looking to satisfy requirements for Professional certification. 

Available to those that are certified in Childhood Education, this degree prepares teachers to work with students with disabilities that are included in their classrooms. 
Special Education (Internship Certificate) MS-
Childhood Education certificate holders looking to be certified in Special Education also can meet their needs through this one year degree. 

Graduates are eligible to apply for the TESOL certificate.

This program DOES NOT lead to TESOL certification but meets NYSED Professional certification requirements.