Shea Awarded Instructional Materials Grant to Develop Online Language Learning Lab

Albany, NY (October 18, 2011) - Peter Shea, Educational Theory and Practice, was awarded a $600,000 U.S. Department of Education Instructional Materials Grant.

The three-year grant will allow Dr. Shea and his collaborator, Lilia Cai-Hurteau, to develop and evaluate the effectiveness of a Student-to-Student Language Lab. The project involves working with schools in both the U.S. and in China to develop text, images, digital video, and complementary instructional materials to facilitate student collaboration in support of language learning.

In explaining the purpose and goals of the grant Dr. Shea said, "It is relatively clear that China is in a state of economic ascendancy and will continue to play a growing part in international business, commerce, and world affairs. Given this, it’s obvious that American students can benefit from knowledge of the Chinese language. However, students face severe challenges in learning Chinese in most schools in the United States. We believe that part of the solution to this problem is in the development of high quality instructional materials that are easily accessible through internet-based technologies."

To learn more about this project, read the University at Albany News Release.