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Eco496 Announcement - Spring 2018

The Economics Internship is designed to give students hands-on experience in economic research and activity in business, government, and non-profit agencies in the Capital District area. The following guidelines and requirements apply:

  1. Participation is limited to Economics majors with senior class standing. University regulations require an overall g.p.a. of 2.50 or higher.

  2. As a course: Eco 496 carries 3 credits, may be taken only once, and is graded on an S/U basis.

  3. For BS students, Eco 496 counts as a 300 level elective but not as a 400 level elective.

  4. As a prospective intern, you are responsible for finding your own internship position. When contacting a person or organization for a position, you should have a resume and be prepared for an interview. The department will supply information about firms and organizations that have taken interns in the past.

  5. The work in the internship must be appropriate for an Economics major. Before you accept an internship position, make sure the work will contribute to your education and career plans. Do not accept a position that involves mostly routine or uneducational activity.

  6. The internship must require at least 150 hours for the semester. These hours should be arranged flexibly to accommodate your class schedule.

  7. To register for Eco 496, you need permission from Professor Sattinger. To get this permission, you must personally hand in:
    • a Registration Form for the class, completed by you
    • a letter of acceptance from the organization or firm sponsoring the internship activity. This letter must (i) describe the nature of the work assignment, and (ii) state that the position requires at least 150 hours of work in the semester.

  8. There are required action and writing assignments, described separately.

  9. To receive a Satisfactory grade for the course, it is necessary to:
    • satisfactorily complete and hand in all assignments on time
    • supply a letter from the sponsoring organization or intern mentor, stating that you have satisfactorily completed the internship.

  10. Students registered for Eco 496 must have an e-mail account and monitor that account for messages. After the semester begins, course information and resources will be available on the course website:   www.albany.edu/economics/internships.shtml


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