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Why support the Department?

In times of dwindling State resources, support from alumni and friends becomes increasingly important to provide us with resources to strengthen valuable ongoing programs and to identify and develop new priorities.

Donations to the Department of Economics help to support our programs. Recent donations have been used to:

  • • Pay for Graduate students to travel to conferences
  • • Fund academic and research achievement awards for students at all levels
  • • Acquire software licenses for the Department’s Computer Lab
  • • Supplement the cost of running the external speaker seminar series
  • • Support Graduate students conducting summer research projects
  • • Print posters for undergraduate research symposia

A current funding goal is to upgrade the computers in the lab and install the software required for students to acquire the “big data” skills so demanded of them today.

To further discuss your Giving options or to consider major donations, you can contact:

Your involvement in the life of the Department through giving is welcomed and appreciated.

Donations are processed through the University at Albany Foundation and are fully tax deductible. You can give now by...

  • Using the On-Line donation form.

  • Mailing a check to: University at Albany Foundation, 1400 Washington Ave., Albany, NY 12222. (Please write “Economics” in the Memo portion of the check.

Thank You.