University at Albany

Department of Economics Advance Registration Procedure and Notes

Advance Registration for Fall 2015 will begin on Monday, March 23 for undergraduates. The first opportunity for you to register is shown on MyUAlbany under the "When Can I Enroll?" link. Registration will be open continuously through the beginning of the Fall semester.

For Economics majors, the first thing to do is to come to the department office (BA-109) and ask for your Registration Information Sheet. These sheets should be available by Wed, March 11.

Please read your information sheet carefully. It contains a list of guidelines and suggestions, and it provides your AVNs.

To begin your planning, get a copy of your audit from the MyUAlbany system.

After making your plans, see your advisor to review them. Your advisor name is printed at the top of your audit. Each advisor office hours (and possibly a special advisement procedure) will be posted at the advisor' office. Bring your audit when you see your advisor.

Please Note:

(1) Your enrollment appointment (i.e. the time and date when you can first register) is based on the number of credits you have earned at the time of registration. It does NOT include the credits you are currently taking. The more credits you have, the earlier you can register.

(2) The Economics course schedules will be posted in the "Courses and Schedules" section on our website, and it will be updated to include changes as they occur. Additional information is also in the same section of the website.

(3) Other useful information for planning your schedule is given in the "Undergraduate Programs" section on the department website.

(4) The "Senior" Registration Policy applies to juniors and seniors as follows: students whose credits completed PLUS credits in progress total 88 or more may not advance register for 100-level Fall-semester courses without special permission from the Undergraduate Studies office. Special permission is given if the registration is necessary to meet degree requirements (including Gen Ed, major, and minor requirements). Start by coming to the department office for a form. (Note: Once the Fall semester begins, the policy no longer applies anyone can register for an open course.)

(5) The registration system does not deal with prerequisites at all. When the system refers to "requisites", it is referring to "requirements" of some kind.