University at Albany

Recent Doctoral Dissertations

2019 Siyang Li Essays on malpractice reform, physician human capital, and physicians' location choices
2019 Huifeng Yu Empirical Essays on Science and New Technology Adoption
2019 Yuan Fang Health Shocks, Labor Market Activities, and End-of-Life Medical Expenses
2018 Linna Xu Public Program Evaluation in Health Economics: An Empirical Study
2018 Xiangshi Liu Public policy, Health Insurance, and Labor Market and Demographic Outcomes Among Young Adults
2018 Gusang Kang Essays on Merger and Innovation
2018 Duong Ngotran Essays on Money, Banking, and Finance
2018 Wuwei Wang Asymmetric Loss, Informatics and Forecasting Uncertainty
2018 Akihiro Nomura Essays on Public Policy Analysis Using Macroeconomics Models
2018 Minhee Kim Essays on Female Labor Supply and Fertility
2017 Marshall Makate Essays on Health Disparities and Income-Related Health Inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa
2017 Wahida Ferdousi Inequality in access to dental and vision care: examining the role of income and insurance
2017 Garima Siwach Impact of Employment Barriers on Individuals with Criminal Records: An Econometric Evaluation of Criminal Background Checks in New York
2017 Yu Zou Three Essays on Electricity Pricing, Congestion, and Market Efficiency
2016 Xian Li Smoking and health: a panel data analysis using HRS
2016 Yunan Lu Essays on Investigating and Modeling Household Wealth Distribution Determinants
2016 Na Cheng Essays on Patenting, R&D and Technological Innovation
2016 Richa Saraf Three Essays in International Economics
2016 Kyonghoon Kim Three Essays on the Global Financial Crisis and Fiscal Policy
2016 Cong Yu Odds of Cesarean Section, Childbirth Outcomes and Public Policy: An Empirical Study Using the Matched New York State Data
2015 Rui Cheng Essays on Income Inequality, Minority Health and Healthcare Spending
2015 Jungtaek Lee Three essays in program evaluation
2015 Xin Li Hedge Fund Market Timing Skills, Liquidity, Flows and Performance
2015 Daisuke Moriwaki Three Essays on Risk in the Middle-aged and Elderly in Japan
2015 Sifan Zhou Three Essays on Scientists, Engineers and Industrial R&D
2015 Dzung Kieu Nguyen Three Essays on Household Inequality, Bargaining and Child Custody
2015 Si Gao Fiscal Policy, Laffer Curves and Economic Growth
2015 Fang Song Three Essays on Higher Education
2014 Pu Li Three Essays on Consumption, Portfolio Choice and Retirement Accounts
2014 Hong Jiang A Stochastic Volatility Model with Leverage Effect and Regime Switching
2014 Brian Fischer Essays on Health Insurance Reform
2014 Liu Yang Forecasting Binary Outcomes: Estimation, Evaluation and Combination
2014 Souvik Banerjee Psychiatric Disorders and their Impact on Labor Market Outcomes: A Latent Variable Approach Using Clinical Indicators
2014 Qingbin Wang Geometric Information of Yield Curve, Unspanned Stochastic Volatility and Affine Health-Jarrow-Morton Models
2014 Lili Wu Housing Disparity in China: Evidence from Spatial Prices, Policy Transmission and Wealth Distribution
2014 Yongchen Zhao Essays on Forcasting with Survey Data and Many Predictors: Combination, Evaluation and Applications
2014 Xiaomei Li Local Power of Panel Unit Root Tests – Impact of Initial Values in Finite Samples
2014 Dohyung Kim Early health and Human Capital Accumulation: An Econometric Analysis Using PSID-CDS,1997-2007
2013 Hyuk Chung Essays on Firm-level Dynamics of Innovation
2013 Li Li Essays on Elderly Asset Management: The Role of Medical Expenses and Housing
2013 Chen Cao Three Essays on Asset Allocation and Pricing
2013 Min Chen Social Interaction and Youth Smoking
2013 Lei Li Three Essays in Health and Labor Economics
2012 Jingya Song The Dynamics of Health Disparities among American Children: Socioeconomic Status, Family Environment and Intergenerational Transmission
2012 Gang Liu Essays on Corporate Default Risk and Equity Return
2012 Heesoo Joo Health Disparities among the U.S. Elderly
2011 Ranajoy Chaudhury Household Structure, Asset Accumulation and Labor Supply
2011 Paul Noroski Self Assessed Health, Anchoring Vignettes, and Unobserved Heterogeneity in the Health and Retirement Study
2011 Siddhartha Chattopadhyay Monetary Policy and New-Keynesian Macroeconomics
2010 Yangyi Shan
Two-Sided Altruism, Social Insurance and Elderly Consumption
2010 Jianbo Tian
Credit Shift, the Shadow Banking System and Banking Asset Flexibility: Evidence from Banks' Balance Sheet from 1975 to 2010
2010 Burak Dindaroglu Essays on R&D Spillovers and R&D Productivity
2009 Sohini Sahu A Macroeconomic Analysis of the Sources of Economic Growth in India
2009 Arindam Mandal Essays on the Macroeconomics of Labor Markets
2009 Kitae Sohn Essays in Education Economics
2008 Yun Zheng Essays on the Impact of the Asian Crisis on Exchange Rates
2008 Hua Lin VA Medical Care and Health Disparity: An Economic Study Based on National Survey of Veterans
2008 Xuguang Sheng Uncertainty and Disagreement in Economic Forecasting
2008 Christos Shiamptanis Monetary Union: Inflation, Fiscal Policy, and Risk
2007 Miao Zhong Estimation of Portfolio Value-at-Risk and Expected Shortfall Using Copulas, Extreme Value Theory, and Doubly Noncentral t Distribution
2007 Fushang Liu Uncertainty and Asymmetric Loss: Estimates Using Density Forecasts
2007 He Yan Essays on Job Search
2007 Xin Yuan Social Security Programs and Retirement Behaviors in Korea and China: a micro estimation
2007 Zulkarnain Pulungan Between and Within Health Dispairities: Determinates Across Race/Ethnicity and Regions in the US
2006 Santadarshan Sadhu The Impact of Dowry Remittances on Family Consumption, Labor Supply and Asset Accumulation.
2005 Gultekin Isiklar Essays on Macroeconomic Forecasting
2005 Xuelian Wang Essays on Risk Management and Dependence across Stock Markets
2005 Kumarjit Mandal Essays in Monetary Policy Rule
2004 Jabonn Kim Essays on Identification and Interference in the Simultaneous Equation Model with Weak Instruments
2004 Wanjoong Kim Dynamics of Employment & Real Exchange Rates in Developing Countries: Evidence from Three Asian Countries
2004 Vincent Yao Essays on Transportation and Business Cycles
2004 Emrah Arbak Essays on Endogenous Preference and Norms
2004 Nandini Chatterjee Borrowing Constraints: Analysis Based on a Financial Survey of US Households
2004 Xueda Song Essays on Technological Change & Labor Markets
2004 Oz Aydemir Essays in the Application of Extreme Value Theory to Financial and Electricity Markets
2003 Anusuya Roy (Chatterjee) Non-Random Selections in the Head Start Program
2002 Guibo Xing An Econometric Analysis of Veterans' Health Care Utilization
2002 Aysegul Kocer Imperfect Competition in the Higher Education Market with Financial Aid
2002 Ismael Arciniegas Understanding Speculative Attacks Aftermath's with Computational Economics
2002 Duc Le Optimal Lumpy Investment with Costly Reversibility
2001 Kisalaya Basu Sequential and Circular Migration of Labor: Theory, Decision Rules, and Evidence
2001 Woopill Hwang Hospital Responses to Prospective Payment System, New York State
2001 Sumati Srinivas Labor Market Compositional Effects of Productivity
2001 Michael Collins An Econometric Analysis of Labor Supply of Disabled and Aged Individuals: Evidence From the New beneficiary Data System,
2000 Detelina Ivanova Uncertainty, Sentiment, and Expectations: Essays in Econometric Forecasting
2000 Chuanming Gao Estimation of Limited Information Simultaneous Equations Models with Weak Instruments