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News about Courses for Spring 2018

Course Descriptions: Eco 480/580 Topic courses

Economic Theories of Fairness, Laurence Kranich

What can economic theory contribute to discussions of fairness or equity? This course will explore alternative notions of fairness and their relation to economic efficiency and collective welfare. The focus will be on developing appropriate analytical tools and applying them to a wide range of allocation problems, including market exchange, bargaining, cost-sharing, bankrupcy, estate division, and collective decision-making.

Prerequisite: Eco 300

Program Analysis and Evaluation, Byoung Park

Program evaluation is an application of statistics to assess the causal effects of a particular program or policy and to make counterfactual forecasts. The main goal of the course is to learn commonly used econometric models including sample selection models, regression discontinuity models, local average treatment effect models and difference-in-difference models. The course is designed for students who are familiar with the regression model at the introductory statistics level.

Prerequisite: Eco 300, Eco 301, and Eco 320

Financial Econometrics, Zhongwen Liang

Introduction to fundamental financial econometric models with applications to financial asset pricing and valuation, financial investment, financial forecasting and the empirical analyses of financial data. Emphasis is on hands-on experience with financial data analysis and applications using R, Python and Matlab.

Prerequisite: Eco 320