EAS Alumnus Jeremy MurrayJeremy Murray


Jeremy Murray graduated from SUNY Albany in 2001, summa cum laude with an East Asian Studies major and an English minor. He writes, "With the encouragement and logistical help of Professors DeBlasi, Fessler, Hargett, Hartman, and others I went on to Columbia University for a Masters in the East Asian Languages and Cultures Department, focusing on modern Chinese history. After finishing my Masters there, I moved out to San Diego to enter the UCSD Modern China PhD program with Joseph Esherick and Paul Pickowicz. My study focus is on Republican and early PRC China, especially on Hainan Island.  I am interested in how the local culture of Hainan shaped a distinct revolutionary movement there, and how that movement interacted with Chinese nation-state building on the mainland.

"Over the past years I have enjoyed being immersed in the sources on these subjects, attending conferences at Toronto, Stanford, UC Davis, UCSD, Claremont Graduate University, and Columbia. In the past two years, I spent most of my time conducting dissertation research in the Chinese archives in tropical Hainan and working on my dissertation. I also worked in French missionary archives, as well as libraries throughout the US, and I have collected materials from Beijing, Taipei, and Hong Kong. In this work I was funded by the Javits Fellowship and the UC Pacific Rim Fellowship. In the fall of 2011, I will move on to San Bernardino with my wife, Katherine, and begin work there as assistant professor of Chinese history at the California State University campus.  The fulfillment and enjoyment I've found in academic history has been in large part thanks to the ongoing guidance, encouragement, inspiration, and friendship of many on the EAS faculty at SUNY."

Last updated March 10, 2011