EAS Alumna Danielle Leonard

Danielle Leonard

Danielle Leonard graduated in 2000 with a major in Japanese studies. After graduation Danielle received her MA from The Ohio State University where her studies focused on classical literature of the Heian Period. Following her intense studies of the classics, Danielle’s strong desire to better understand today’s Japan led her to a position on the JET program in Miyazaki, Japan where she worked as an ALT on the JET program for two years.

When she returned to the United States, Danielle knew that she wanted to pursue a career in international education. Although she considered many different venues for such a career, she ended up taking a position in the UA Office of International Education, where she is the Program Coordinator for our exchange programs to Japan and Korea. As an alumna of the Kansai Gaidai exchange and a graduate of our program, Danielle provides our students with excellent insight and advice!

Last updated August 28, 2009