Honors in East Asian Studies

There are really two types of "Honors" programs, but they can intersect:

  • All University at Albany undergraduates are eligible to apply to The Honors College.
  • In addition, departmental majors may pursue East Asian Studies Honors. This includes Honors College students majoring in the department.

Honors College structure

Honors College courses are offered at the 100 and 200 levels. Most are designed to meet one or more General Education requirements and some meet major requirements. Enrollment in Honors College courses is open to students in the Honors College only. Honors courses are listed within each department's course listing (with a T prefix) and on The Honors College website: www.albany.edu/honorscollege.

Honors College students admitted as incoming first-year students are required to take 18 credits in honors courses before their junior year. (Students beginning the Honors College after two semesters in residence at UAlbany will be required to take 12 credits.)

Students in the Honors College are required to complete the honors program in their major. A senior thesis or creative project is required to graduate from the Honors College.

East Asian Studies Departmental Honors

This is where the East Asian Studies Departmental Honors comes in. As mentioned above, students who are in the Honors College are REQUIRED to complete a Departmental Honors project. However, it is also possible for upper-classmen to complete Departmental Honors even if they are not in the Honors College (see below for specific requirements).

Students with 3.50 grade point average in one of the department’s majors are eligible for its Honors Program. In addition to completing the regular requirements for the major in Chinese Studies, East Asian Studies, or Japanese Studies, students in the Honors Program complete a further six credits of A EAS 495, Colloquium in East Asian Studies. At the beginning of the fall semester (preferably of the senior year), students will submit their honors proposals to the faculty. If the faculty approves a proposal, the student will be permitted to enroll in A EAS 495 (3 credits), which consists of directed readings and conferences involving appropriate members of the faculty. The project will be evaluated by the project adviser at the end of the fall semester and if the student is making appropriate progress, they will be permitted to enroll in A EAS 495 (3 credits) again in the spring semester. The project will be formally evaluated by the Department Honors Committee no later than the mid-term point in the second semester of the senior year. The final version of the project must be submitted by the last day of classes during the second semester of the senior year.

Students who wish to pursue honors in East Asian Studies are encouraged to speak with their academic advisor BEFORE the first semester of their senior year. A specific timeline is available as a downloadable document.

Past Honors Theses in the department include:

  • “Radical Symbiosis: The Synergy of Nationalist Thought and Practice within Japan” by Peter B. Smith
  • “China’s Intimidation of Taiwan: Futile, or Shrewd?” by Peter Braden
  • “Article Nine of the Japanese Constitution: Past, Present, and Future” by Charles H. Frederick
  • “The Chinese Rites Controversy: Its Causes and Ramifications” by Christine Terrance
  • “China, Russia, and the Geoeconomics of Oil” by Diana Sweet
  • “The Migrant Labor Population in the people’s Republic of China: An Evolving Social Construct” by Peter Hakans
  • “Annotated Translations from Ding Ling sanwen xuan” by Katherine Kiyanitsa
  • “Humanistic Buddhism in Contemporary Taiwan: The Path to Modernity” by Stephanie Lin
  • "The Existentialist World of Murakami Haruki: A Reflection of Postmodern Japanese Society" by Maria Garguilo
  • "A World of Fakes: An Analysis of Trademark Infringement in China" by Medelene Tran


Last updated September 19, 2014