Korean Studies FAQ

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  • How many full-time professors does the program have?

We have one full-time professor and one lecturer. Both are native speakers of Korean.


  • How many years of Korean language courses does the program offer?

Three! Each year we offer Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Korean.


  • How many hours a week do language courses meet?

Beginning and Intermediate Korean meet 4 days a week (Mon.-Thurs.) for a total of 5 credit hours each week. Advanced Korean meets 3 days a week (MWF) for a total of 3 credit hours a week.

  • Will I learn to read an write, or just speak and listen?

The program puts an equal emphasis on all areas. Students learn hangul in the first few weeks of Beginning Korean. Chinese characters (hanja) are introduced in Advanced Korean.


  • Is there a Korean community on campus or nearby?

The Korean Student Association is very active on campus. There were more than 230 international students from Korea on campus in Fall 2008, and their number continues to increase.

  • Does the program offer a study-abroad program?

Yes! We have three exchange programs in Korea: one at Yonsei University in Seoul, one at Hallym University in Chuncheon, and one at Yeungnam University in Gyeongsan. Students may also opt to participate in one of eight different study abroad programs which are part of the larger SUNY study abroad network. For more information, see the SUNY study abroad page.

Last updated August 18, 2016