EAS Alumna Allison Dalton Smith


Allison SmithAllison Dalton Smith graduated in 2005 with a major in East Asian Studies. She is currently living in Monterrey, Mexico, teaching English, learning Spanish, and accumulating life-altering experiences. During her undergraduate career at the University at Albany, she traveled to China four times, studied Chinese at Fudan University in Shanghai for a year, and even spent a semester studying in Southern France.

Looking back over these experiences, she says that it was not simply the number of them that was important. Rather, she says “It is only in the context of who I am today that I realize how fundamental the support of the department was to my undergraduate education.”

Allison believes that EAS provided her not only with specific knowledge of the cultures of East Asia, but also an appreciation of the many different ways of life, thinking and consciousness in our world. This awareness, which was fostered through conversations with both her peers and the department faculty, has enabled her to push herself consciously in new directions.
Alison majored in East Asian Studies and minored in Chinese, both fascinating in and of themselves. But she credits informal conversations with her professors, whether in the hallways or their offices, as the most important aspect of her education. She encourages anyone thinking of taking courses in the department to speak with the faculty, especially Professor DeBlasi, Professor Fessler, Professor Hargett, Professor, Hartman, and Professor Blum. In her words, “SUNY is blessed with having these individuals. The beauty and strength of the department lies in the nature of the individuals it is run by.”

Last updated August 17, 2016