EAS Alumna Michele Aanensen

Michele Aanensen graduated from UAlbany in 1995, majoring in Japanese studies. She participated in the JET program as a CIR, then worked for the Japanese Mission to the UN for a while until her mother passed away.

She writes, "My family thought that my Mom would like to buried back in her hometown of Tsuruta, Aomori Japan, so with much assistance from my relatives in Japan, we were able to have my mom buried back in her hometown. As you know when someone dies in Japan, there are many after burial ceremonies, memorials etc. So I decided to move to Aomori and deal with these things. Yes, I am now part of the danka for the temple of my Mom's hometown. I am the youngest member and the only gaijin. But I do all the temple events, and I think by now ( I am in my 4th Year) they have gotten used to a gaijin amongst them."

Last updated August 28, 2009