1) Give it to me in class

2) Leave it in my mailbox (in the East Asian mailroom, HU 292)

3) Slide it under my office door (HU 243)

1) Give it to me on disk (virus free, please!)

Be sure your name is on the disk, or risk losing it! It would be wise to have a back-up of the file somewhere else besides the disk. Please do not give me a disk with other valuable, irreplaceable school work on it.

2) Send it via e-mail, either as an attachment or plain text (preferred method)

3) Get really brave and post it on your own personal web page for the world to see

Your paper MUST be in Microsoft Word format. I will confirm receipt of your paper by e-mail, so if you don't hear back from me it means there was a problem with the transmission. If this happens, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to send the paper again until it comes through unscathed. If you send me a paper in the wrong format and I cannot open it, I will deduct 10% from the grade.

The number is (518)442-4118. Please note on the cover sheet that the paper is for me.

Late Penalty

You will lose 5% (half a letter grade) for every 24 hours or portion thereof that the paper is late, including weekends and holidays. If you submit a hard copy late (and not in person), you must call my voice mail, 442-4119, and leave a message noting that the paper has been turned in. (This is the only way I can get a date/time stamp.)


Re-write Policy

I will read your first draft carefully, writing down suggestions for improvement where applicable. I will also give your paper a grade. Once you have received the paper back, the ball in is your court. If you are happy with your grade, you need to do nothing. That will be your final grade for the paper. If, on the other hand, you would like to improve your grade, you have the option to re-write the paper and turn it in by the "final draft due date" on the syllabus.