MIDTERM EXAMINATION

                                                                   SPRING 1997


DIRECTIONS: This is an open book, open note exam.  You may consult any or all of the books assigned in class and the notes from lecture, but you are limited to 80 minutes, so use your time wisely.  Please write your answers in the blue book provided.



PART I: Short answer.  Answer the following questions in 3-5 sentences each (10 pts. each).



1. What role do the eight fairies play in The Nine Cloud Dream?


2. Generally speaking, how do the content (not the structure) of "long poems" and "short poems" differ?


3. Identify the major vengeful spirit in The Tale of Genji and what specific events it causes.


4. What role does poetry play in The Tale of Genji? What is the etiquette of poetry composition?


5. How was The Tale of Heike originally presented? How does this affect the style and structure?




PART II: Essay.  Select two of the following questions and answer them (25 pts. each).



1. What is the underlying theme in The Nine Cloud Dream?  Does Kim Manjung succeed in conveying that message?  Give examples from the text to support your argument.


2. Compare and contrast the poetry of Hitomaro and Yakamochi in the Man'yōshū (you may quote poems if you want).


3. Describe the central aesthetic in The Tale of Genji and give examples of scenes in which it is emphasized.


4. The characters in The Tale of Heike include warriors and courtiers.  Describe how their concerns differ, and how those differences are manifested in their behavior, using specific scenes from the book.