Support for Supervisors and Managers

Supervisor and Manager Assistance: When to Call EAP

Employees in supervisory or management positions may call upon EAP for a variety of reasons. One way supervisors and managers can support their staff and promote a healthy work environment is by letting employees know about the services available through EAP. To schedule a presentation at a staff or department meeting, contact the EAP Office.

Supervisors and managers may benefit from a one-on-one consultation with the EAP Coordinator. Consider scheduling a meeting with EAP if you are:



  • dealing with difficult employees
  • in need of an "outside" perspective
  • feeling like you have no control
  • making a major work decision
  • concerned about an employee's work behavior
  • tired of mediating between employees
  • uncertain about how to communicate with your supervisee or supervisor
  • concerned about alcohol or drug use impacting work
  • uncertain how to deal with an employee's personal problems
  • interested in finding a manager "mentor" or coach
  • interested in the resources EAP for supervising and managing employees

Team Building...

  • experiencing stressful departmental changes
  • witnessing conflict amongst staff members
  • feeling the need to bring your staff together in fun and creative ways
  • designing a staff retreat or staff development session
  • wishing to build a sense of community


  • angry or irritable
  • dissatisfied with work
  • making decisions that are negatively impacting you or your employees
  • unable to manage life or work
  • finding it difficult to get out of bed and come to work
  • unable to concentrate
  • overwhelmed or stressed

The EAP Coordinator can provide supervisors/managers with an array of books, videos and DVD's on current management issues such as:

  • conflict management
  • motivating employees
  • sexual harassment
  • teamwork principles
  • cultural diversity
  • workplace violence

The EAP Coordinator is available to provide one-on-one confidential support and to locate resources on:

  • communication skills in the work place
  • supervisory and executive coaching
  • basic morale issues
  • cultural diversity and gender issues
  • tension in the work place.