The Recruitment Process

Step 8: The Interview

To ensure uniform and fair treatment of all interviewees, interview questions should be developed in advance and must relate closely to the Announcement of Vacancy.  Please note the questions that cannot be asked of candidates.  Questions developed and agreed to by the search committee are forwarded to ODI for approval.

After the proposed interviewees have been approved, the Search Committee shall prepare an interview schedule to be followed for all candidates and make arrangements for telephone interviews (if applicable) and/or to bring candidates to campus for an interview.

A letter confirming interviews may be sent to all candidates invited to participate in this stage of the process. If candidates have special needs that necessitate accommodations during the interview process, they should contact the search chair, and or the ODI. At this time an updated Applicant Flow Analysis is sent to ODI for approval.

In the event there are a large number of final candidates, the committee may choose to conduct phone interviews encouraged to reduce the field. Where telephone interviews are conducted that reduce the number of campus interviewees, the ODI representative should ensure that the reasons for non-selection are documented and reviewed by ODI.

Individuals who clearly do not meet the minimum qualifications should be notified at this point.  Other applicants may remain in the pool for consideration.

The Search Committee should interview candidates as a whole committee whenever possible. The Chair should also schedule candidate interviews with the hiring authority, the appropriate dean/director, vice president and/or president, other academic or administrative departments, units, and other pertinent persons or groups as appropriate.

Contacting references by telephone regarding a candidate’s qualifications is encouraged.  If there are individuals who are not listed as references whom you would like to call, you should notify the applicant as a professional courtesy.  A record of all inquiries must be maintained within the candidate’s file.  Under the Freedom of Information Act, information received by telephone is available to the applicant upon request.  An example of the format for recording information from a telephone reference is provided for your reference.