The Recruitment Process

Step 5: Responding to Applicant Inquiries/Application Materials

When initial letters of inquiry and/or application materials are received, the Chair of the Search Committee, or designee, should:

Acknowledge receipt of the letter of inquiry with a letter of response.  Indicate the search number on the Group Identity Data Response Survey and include it in the acknowledgement letter. The letter of response should indicate to each applicant which essential elements of a completed file have been received and which ones still need to be received by the application deadline.  A follow up letter can be sent to candidates with incomplete files.

NOTE: Searches using the electronic application system Interview Exchange do not have to send applicants a Group Identity Data Response Survey.

Typical elements of a completed file include:
  • Letter of application
  • Resume or Vitae
  • Proof of licensure if appropriate
  • Names of references with contact information as requested.
  • Any additional information required in the Vacancy Announcement.


All searches must be conducted in a manner that best protects the privacy of the applicants. Access to files is limited to search committee members, supervisors/department chairs, and to the extent necessary, the department or unit’s clerical staff. (Campus members or employees not on the search committee shall not have access to the files until finalists have been named.)  The files may, of course, be made accessible to the necessary administrative officials.  STRICT CONFIDENTIALITY MUST BE MAINTAINED.  Candidates assume that their candidacy is held in confidence.  Do not break this confidence.  Likewise, do not break the confidence of your committee members by discussing privileged remarks of the committee deliberations.

NOTE: All questions regarding employment eligibility of foreign nationals should be directed to the Office of Human Resources Management.