The Recruitment Process

Step 4: Advertising and Promoting the Position

Attracting a broad and diverse pool of candidates to compete for the position is an important component of the search process.  While paid advertisements are not the only way to search for possible candidates, they are an important element in the recruitment effort.  The advertisement must include responsibilities, qualifications and experience.  The required items for a completed application must be the same on both the ad and the Announcement of Vacancy (UP5).  However, to minimize advertisement costs, notices may be shortened to refer candidates to the OHRM website for the complete vacancy notice. 

The University at Albany has contracted with the Graystone Group Advertising for placement of approved advertisements.  To contact Graystone for placement of ads in selected media, go to or call (800) 544-0005.
In addition to paid advertisements, other affirmative action efforts and recruitment strategies include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Personal contacts with potentially qualified candidates, including current students or recent graduates of programs;
  • Personal contacts with colleagues, unit heads, department chairs, etc., in departments similar to the one where the vacancy exists, in order to seek assistance in identifying qualified women, minorities, veterans and persons with disabilities and others who may be interested in the position;
  • Internet sites as appropriate to the discipline or profession;
  • Departmental mailings to minority and female Ph.D. candidates identified in the Minority and Women Doctoral Directory (available in the ODI);
  • Posting of notices at local, regional and national meetings and conferences;
  • Letters to graduate schools in the discipline for the type of position being advertised;
  • Contact with qualified persons who have written letters of application in the past year;
  • Use of placement services in professional organizations.

Support in attracting and recruiting candidates from underrepresented groups can be provided from the ODI. The ODI is an important resource for best practices in creating diverse pools of applicants.