The Recruitment Process

Step 3: Establishing a Recruitment Plan

1.  Affirmative Action Recruitment Plan (AARP)

This document outlines:

  • The gender and racial diversity of members of the Search Committee;
  • The recruitment sources that will be utilized in the search process, including targeted or specialized outreach efforts to recruit qualified women and minorities as well as individuals with disabilities and veterans.
  • The screening procedures that have been agreed upon by the Search Committee with the concurrence of the hiring authority.

The final decision-maker should not serve on the committee. This could potentially be seen as causing an undue influence on the search committee.

2. Announcement of Professional Vacancy (UP5) for professional staff or for faculty positions.  Please consider the following when filling out the UP5

For Professional Vacancies
The description of duties should be clear and concise, and all the required qualifications must be included.  Any special or preferred qualifications or skills should be stated and based on a rationale that relates to the job description.

For Faculty Vacancies
Qualifications shall be directly related to the responsibilities of the job and, at a minimum, shall include formal education, previous professional or employment experience and where applicable, professional accomplishments and demonstrated competencies.

For ALL Vacancies

  • A closing date for accepting applications should be included (30 days minimum from publication date of advertising for a national, regional, or state search.) For searches that elect to remain “open until filled”, OHRM includes the following “Review of applications will begin ___ and continue until the position is filled.” This statement means that ALL applications will be reviewed and assessed until a recommendation to the hiring authority is made.
  • The items that constitute a completed application must be listed and can be incorporated in the Special Notes area.  For example, letter of application, resume, contact information for references, and any other materials required by the Search Committee can be included here. Any additional information, action, or activity required at the later stages of the search (e.g., a writing sample), must be described in the Announcement of Vacancy (UP5).

NOTE: United University Professions (UUP) Promotional Opportunities
Promotional opportunities in United University Professions (UUP) classifications of SL-3, 4 and 5 are posted internally for 10 business days to current UUP members in permanent or term appointments. Upon completion of the 10 days, if the decision-making authority does not choose to offer the position to an internal candidate, the department must notify OHRM, who will then post the position externally. The department will execute the outreach plan as stated on the AARP at this time.