The Recruitment Process

Step 2: Establishment of a Search Committee

The Search Committee is appointed by the department head, supervisor and/or by the Dean/Director or Vice President as appropriate.  For joint faculty appointments or positions carrying extra-departmental responsibilities, the secondary department is represented on the committee. Search committees must reflect the diversity of the University community, including but not limited to women, minorities, individuals with disabilities and covered veterans.

Members serve on the committee to assist in the outreach to qualified persons for position vacancies, to develop screening mechanisms in accordance with the job description, to interview qualified candidates, and to recommend candidates to the hiring authority. It is the responsibility of each search committee, with the support of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, (ODI) to promote equal employment opportunity for all qualified individuals including but not limited to women, minorities, individuals with disabilities and covered veterans.

Committee Chair and ODI Representative

One member of the Search Committee will serve as Chair and assume ultimate responsibility for moving the search process forward.  In addition, one member of the committee will serve as the ODI Representative and work directly with the ODI to ensure that the Search Committee has a clear understanding of its responsibilities in promoting equal employment opportunity and affirmative action. The ODI Representative will consult with the ODI staff as necessary to support the search process. For more information on ODI Representative please see the “Responsibilities and Duties of the ODI Rep.” on our Appendices page.

At the outset of the search process, it is recommended that the Search Committee Chair and the ODI Representative contact the ODI to review the following:

  • The affirmative action placement goals;
  • The procedures for the affirmative action recruitment process, including specialized outreach efforts by the department in its search for underrepresented groups;
  • Any questions regarding guidelines for the search and hiring process.