The Recruitment Process

Step 1: Authorization to Begin A Search

The hiring authority (typically the Vice President, dean, chair or director) in the department or unit initiates a search for a faculty or professional staff position by requesting authorization to fill a position. In consultation with the Office of Human Resources Management, the hiring authority, or designee will agree on the rank, title, salary and programmatic responsibilities associated with the position.

This information will be stated on the applicable sections of the HRM-1 form as well as the Announcement of Vacancy (UP5 Form).

In addition to the HRM-1 and UP5 forms, an Affirmative Action Recruitment Plan (AARP) is to be completed. Once the search packet (HRM-1, UP5 and AARP) is complete, all forms can be forwarded to the Office of Financial Management and Budget (OFMB), located at University Hall, room 209. Once the OMFB approves funding, the search packet will be forwarded to the Office of Human Resources Management. Once all respective offices have reviewed the search packet, the OHRM will notify the hiring unit that the search has been approved.

More information about the requirements for filling out the AARP and UP5 are found in Step 3: Establishing a Recruitment Plan.