Office of Diversity and Inclusion Representative: Responsibilities and Duties

Each hiring officer, when appointing a search committee, will designate one member of this committee as the “Office of Diversity and Inclusion Representative”, hereafter called the ODI Representative. This person will assist the search committee in carrying out its responsibilities to develop a broad and diverse candidate pool and as a liaison to the ODI office during the search process. While this person should not be the Chair of the Search Committee, he/she need not be a woman or minority.

General responsibilities of the ODI Representative are as follows:

  • To evaluate all steps of the search process in terms of the goals and principles of affirmative action, including insuring that the position is widely advertised and that the search committee does not unconsciously engage in discriminatory practices.
  • To be in contact with the ODI as necessary throughout the search process for advice and assistance to ensure a diversified pool of applicants and adherence to all related University policies and NYS laws.
  • To participate in all aspects of the hiring process.

Specific responsibilities of the ODI Representative include:

  • Review advertisements to ensure appropriateness and consistency with vacancy announcement;
  • Review the Application Screening Form;
  • Assist with development of interview questions on appropriateness of all questions;
  • Assist with the compilation of the Applicant Flow Analysis;
  • Assist the Chair to certify to the ODI the efficacy of the above named forms to obtain necessary approvals;
  • Ensure that all candidates are asked and receive the same questions;
  • Monitor the discussion of candidates after interviews to ensure that job related factors are the only ones considered in determining the finalists and that those factors are evenly applied.
  • Prior to the final recommendation for hire, review any concern regarding the selection process with the ODI Assistant Director, who shall determine the appropriate action to be taken.
  • At the conclusion of the search, work with the Search Committee Chair to provide a completed report to the ODI to document that the approved search plan was followed.